Thai Film Museum
This is the first and only Thai film museum in Thailand. Three topics are being exhibited:
Exhibitions about 100 years of film in Thailand, Hall of Fame, and the process of film production from past to present includes props, posters, photos, etc. 
English Audio Guide for Thai Film Museum tour is now available!!! 
Thai Film Museum opens on
Tuesday-Friday at 10 am. / 1 pm. / 3 pm.
weekends and public holidays at 10 am. / 11 am. / 1 pm. / 2 pm. / 3 pm. / 4 pm.
Each tour lasts 60 minutes with numbers of attendance restricted, so tickets will be given on a first come, first served basis.
Choose your convenient time and come to explore the history of Thai cinema at Thai Film Museum located in Film Archive (Public Organization).
Admission Free!
Contact: 02-482-2013-14 

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